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TurboTax Review

by admin on December 27, 2011

TurboTax Review – TurboTax Makes Tax Time Easier

TurboTax ReviewEvery single year, many people begin to panic as tax time looms. Filing your taxes can seem like a daunting task and for many it is downright scary. People fear that they will fill the forms out incorrectly and will get audited, or they worry that they will be slapped with a massive bill that they just cannot pay. One way to help ease the stress that comes along with filing your taxes is by using quality online tax software that offers support and guidance when you need it most. We’ve reviewed the top tax software and have created a TurboTax review for consumers to learn about this online tax software.

TurboTax ReviewWe discovered during our TurboTax review that TurboTax online tax software can help to ease the overwhelming feelings that you may experience during tax season and will help you to cover all of your bases. You do not need to worry that you are answering questions incorrectly or are missing anything as TurboTax online tax software is set-up to make filing your taxes as easy and pain free as possible.

Why Choose TurboTax Software?

There are many reasons why TurboTax software can be the tax filing option for you. During our TurboTax review we found that Millions of Americans have chosen TurboTax as their tax filing vehicle because:

  • TurboTax Software makes tax forms easy to understand.

TurboTax AwardTurboTax takes the tax form you need to fill out and asks you the questions clearly so that you can actually understand. The software also includes the EasyGuide feature, which guides you step-by-step through the tax process, similar to a GPS navigation device. We found this to be a great feature during our TurboTax review. You will be helped at every turn to do exactly what you need to do, helping you to get the largest refund possible, guaranteed.

Different options for TurboTax products help you as your life changes. Whether you’ve bought a new home, had a baby or gotten married, you can find the specific software option that fits your life at that specific time.

TurboTax can also gather your pertinent information for you, from your W-2s to your various investments and will fill everything out for you quickly.

  • You always have support with TurboTax.

The experts are always available to answer your questions or give you on-on-one guidance if you need it. You can get support through online chat, the online community, or over the phone.

The support website has been given numerous awards, for good reason. They offer hot topics, blogs, tax news and any other information that you need to help you get through your tax forms. During our TurboTax review we couldn’t find a question that wasn’t answered easily through the online community. This makes filing faster and gives you peace of mind as well.

The online community also features experts and other TurboTax customers that are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to help you out.

  • You will cover all of your options for deductions to get the biggest refund possible.

The goal of the software is to help you to get the biggest return that you are entitled to. If you find that you can get a bigger return somewhere else, TurboTax will give you your money back.

There are hundreds of possible deductions and during our TruboTax review we found that TurboTax enables you to cover all of these to ensure that nothing slips by you. There is almost no way you can overlook money that is yours, as TurboTax will double and triple check the more than 350 deductions that are available. Medical expense deductions are also made much simpler with the software.

Another great feature that can help you is that the amount of your refund is shown on each page, so that you can see exactly how each question answered changes the amount of your refund. We found this to be a great feature during our TurboTax review. Sometimes you may make a mistake and add an incorrect number or two but as soon as you look at the refund amount when you get to the next page you will notice and can easily go back to correct the mistake.

  • You can reduce your risk of an audit with TurboTax.

TurboTax offers an audit risk meter that will keep you on track and works hard to reduce your risk of an audit. This is a feature we found during our TurboTax review that we have not found with other tax software programs. The calculations by this premiere software are also guaranteed to be 100% accurate, so that you have nothing to worry about. Your return will be double checked to ensure that every answer is accurate and complete and any errors or omissions are addressed before your return is officially filed. You can rest assured knowing that your taxes have been done correctly.

If an audit should occur, TurboTax supplies customers with free audit support that you can download to help you. We also found during our TurboTax review that TurboTax offers Audit Defense services which  can also be purchased for TurboTax, to offer you peace of mind and  even more assistance in case of an audit.

  • TurboTax is the #1 ranked and best selling tax software available.

More customers purchase TurboTax than any other tax preparation method because of how effective it is. Customers everywhere have found that they are able to get the most deductions, have the most support and that filling out their tax forms is much easier with the TurboTax software. TurboTax has also been ranked number one by various studies from reviewers including CNET and USA Today.

  • Your information is always safe and protected.

During our TurboTax review we found that you can relax knowing that any information you input into TurboTax will always be protected. Whether you use a TurboTax download, TurboTax Online or a TurboTax CD, you will be completely covered and safe.

You are also the only person who can access your tax return when you use TurboTax. The CDs will download your tax information directly to your computer, so that you can access it when you need to. You will be able to keep it safe with a password. TurboTax Online will keep your personal information covered on their safe and secure server. You will be the only person who can ever view your tax information.

Various TurboTax Options for Your Needs

Once you make the decision to choose TurboTax as your tax filing option, there are a number of TurboTax versions that you can select from. You can choose from the federal free edition, the Basic edition, the Deluxe edition, the Premier edition and the Home and Business edition. All of these can work for you, depending on where you are at and the types of tax forms that you are using. No matter what your tax filing needs are, TurboTax supplies a software version that is right for you.

TurboTax Review

If you’ve used TurboTax in the past please consider providing your own TurboTax review below in our comment section and be sure to rate TurboTax as well.

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HR Block Review

by admin on December 25, 2011

HR Block Review

Stay Calm this Tax Season with HR Block Online Tax Services

H&R Block ReviewHR Block is one of the largest companies that does tax services and has been in business since 1955. HR Block is considered one of the top companies for tax services for many reasons including their employment of the best tax professionals in the industry and their second to none customer service.

 The HR Block Difference

One of the things to point out during our HR Block review is that HR Block employs a team of more than 100,000 highly trained and skilled tax professionals that have the knowledge to do your taxes correctly to get you the highest refund every time. They have prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955. HR Block’s impressive track record also includes the following astounding figures:

  • They have prepared one out of every seven tax returns in the United States.
  • They have a retail office that is located within close proximity to almost all Americans. In fact, most Americans live within about 5 miles of an office for easy access and speedy service.
  • In 2010, they prepared more than 24 million tax returns for the entire world.
  • Since 1994, they have been filing digital returns. They have currently prepared more than 50 million returns digitally.

The Customer is Always #1 at HR Block

At HR Block, they are not satisfied until the customer is happy. They offer personalized attention and help to achieve the highest level of success. You can get this help in many forms, no matter how you wish to work with HR Block. Whether you are having your taxes prepared face to face in one of the many offices, are doing the taxes yourself with unlimited access to assistance from a tax professional, or are using HR Block online software to process your taxes, help is right at your fingertips.

HR Block Knowledgeable Professionals

The tax professionals that work for HR Block are some of the best in the entire industry. They have the training and the specialized knowledge that is necessary to get you the money that you need. They are available for all of your tax preparation needs, whether you are filing in one of their offices or doing the taxes on your own.

  • In Office Filing: When you file in the office, you will be closely working with an HR Block professional that has, on average, more than 450 hours of extensive training and eight years of experience.
  • At Home Filing: When you file at home with HR Block Online, you will be able to access tax prep solutions when you need them online. The assistance is easy to use and understand and is fully backed by the experts at HR Block. Any online or software products that a customer purchases are fully approved and guaranteed to give the user 100% accuracy in their filing. HR Block offers a maximum refund guarantee and they also supply users with free Audit Support. This is specialized guidance with the audit process and supplies the client with a representative before the IRS. Clients will also receive expert advice from the online community and from a number of tax professionals who are highly knowledgeable.

The Basics of HR Block at Home

In the last few years, it has become very popular for people to do their own taxes with the use of online software. This method is very easy to do, as it allows the user to get the unpleasant tax filing process done in the privacy of their own home and cuts down on the time it takes to get the taxes done. Not all tax preparation software products are created equal, however. HR Block At Home is a software product that is not only proven effective and guaranteed accurate; it is also backed by the leading company name in tax preparation. The software comes with a guarantee that you will get the most money you are entitled to, as well as free audit support and representation if you are audited. No other tax prep software comes with this many comprehensive solutions to tax filing. Other top aspects of HR Block At Home include:

  • Expert Support

The HR Block community is available any time of the day and is filled with tax specialists, not just other taxpayers. A live tax advice session is also included with the purchase of the software, so that you can get all your questions answered right away.

Other software programs supply advice and FAQs in the event of an audit, but HR Block actually gives you a representative to help you with the IRS.

  • Easy to Understand Filing

You no longer have to wade through all of the legal and tax jargon that only tax professionals can understand. The software offers plain English translations, so that you can answer questions quickly. The questions asked help the software to figure out what deductions are available to you so that you can get the most money back.

  • Guidance and Expertise Built Right In

Advice and guidance will pop up as you are answering questions to make getting your deductions a snap.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy and Maximum Refund

HR Block will reimburse you if you have to pay any penalties or fees if the return is not accurate. They will also give you free filing if you do not get the maximum amount of refund that you are owed due to software error.

Reasons to Come Into an HR Block Office for Tax Preparation

Visiting one of the many HR Block offices in the country is a great idea if you want to work closely with a tax professional. This can help you to get the most advantages at tax time and they will also supply you with tax assistance all year long. Just like that at home software, HR Block preparation offers customers a 100% accuracy guarantee, audit support should the need ever arise, a guarantee that you will get the most deductions possible and the assistance of a highly trained professional. There are more than 11,000 HR Block locations, so if you choose the in office option you can be sure that there is one near you.

Try HR Block online or at home for expert guidance and assistance guaranteed.

H&R Block ReviewIf you’ve used HR Block online please consider adding your own HR Block review below in the comment section and rate their online product as well!

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TaxACT Review

by admin on December 25, 2011

TaxACT Review

TaxACT Review – TaxACT Offers Complete Tax Solutions for Everyone

TaxACT ReviewTax time is one of the most dreaded times of the year for many people. Wading through the many forms and trying to decipher IRS terms and jargon can be like trying to read a novel in a foreign language. The worry that you could be doing something wrong and could end up getting audited can lead many people to have sleepless nights. One simple solution to the tax time woes is to use online tax preparation software that will enable you to understand the forms and fill them out correctly, every single time. We’ve done the hard work for you with our TaxACT review!

One such tax preparation solution is TaxACT. This product is created and developed by 2nd Story Software Inc, a company that was founded in 1998 and has been helping people file their taxes accurately without stress for years. Their tax preparation solution product is available as TaxACT software as well as over-the-web services so that you can truly get the tax preparation support that you need. The software is designed by Certified Public Accounts and other tax experts to ensure that users are getting the most accurate assistance, every single time. And we can testify to the fact that TaxACT is one of the most accurate online tax software programs from our TaxACT review.

TaxACT Review – The Basics of TaxACT Software and Online Services

With TaxACT software or TaxACT online preparation, you get two options for how you will enter your data. These two options include:

  • The interview format, where you will be asked questions in an interview method. (Highly recommended from our TaxACT review)
  • The forms-based entry method allows the user to fill in the form in the standard format. (Not as easy from our TaxACT review)

TaxACT also offers users a number of benefits, including:

  • A Reliable Alert System to Prevent Costly Mistakes
  • IRS and State Approved Forms
  • Free Federal Edition Really Is Free
  • Low Cost State Edition

When you prepare and file your tax returns with TaxACT, you are getting a high quality product without the high cost that some other tax preparation software products come with. TaxACT was created to serve all people and the products contain the most common forms, worksheets and schedules so that they will always have what you are looking for. We found during our TaxACT review that you will be able to prepare, print and e-file your federal tax returns for absolutely no charge. Both the TaxACT software and TaxACT online products offer federal free editions to all people no matter what their income or their life circumstances.

Many tax software programs claim to offer free filing, but then when you get to the end there are extra fines and fees that pop up. This is not the case with TaxACT; when they say free, they really mean free.

TaxACT Review – Low Cost State Editions

Those who need to file state income taxes with TaxACT can do so for $14.95 each, which is one of the lowest prices for state income tax returns available on the market.

TaxACT Review – TaxACT Deluxe Edition

The TaxACT Deluxe Edition is a download available online for users that want to prepare their taxes on their own, yet want added advice and tax tools to help make the process that much easier. The Deluxe Edition costs the user $12.95 and it comes with one free federal e-file return, which saves the taxpayer at least $7.95.

TaxACT Review – TaxACT Product Advantages

Whether you choose to use the online download of TaxACT, or purchase the software, you will find a number of advantages and features to make the tax preparation process as simple as possible. The many advantages and features of TaxACT include we discovered during our TaxACT review:

  • Free federal Tax Filing for Everyone-No Exclusions

It is 100% free for users to prepare, print and e-file their federal tax returns and there are no restrictions because of income or age. Free e-file enables the user to get a fast federal tax refund. You can use the service to file all types of federal returns, from the simple type to the most complex of all. All e-fileable IRS forms are able to be prepared with TaxACT.

  • All Credits and Deductions will be Found

You can really boost your savings on taxes and up the amount of your return when you use the Income, Credit and Deduction Examiners included in the TaxACT software. You will be able to get the largest refund possible for you, guaranteed. If you find that you can get more money with another tax preparation company, you will get your money back.

  • Free Assistance and Support Anytime

Any time that you have a question while using TaxACT, or if you need some other type of help with the program, you can use the TaxACT answer center to find help. We were able to find all kinds of helpful advice in the answer center during our TaxACT review. You can simply type in your question in the search box to find your answer quickly, or you can email the support specialists for personalized help free. You can also call TaxACT for over the phone help for a one-time fee of $7.95. There are also video help tutorials if you need them.

  • Comprehensive Alert Program For Accuracy

No one wants to get audited and with TaxACT, you can be sure that everything is done to check your return for errors. The TaxACT alerts system will thoroughly inspect your entire return for any errors and to make sure that you did not skip any sections.  We made a few mistakes on purpose during our TaxAct review and they were all caught by the alert system.  It will also alert you if there are possible money saving opportunities that you missed. If you are audited by the IRS, the audit assistant feature of the TaxACT program will help you get through the process.

  • And so much more!

Many people are scared to take the leap and use an online tax preparation program or tax prep software. Doing so, however, can save hours of your valuable time and can help you to have the simplest tax filing process ever. We decided to do our TacACT review around 11pm one night. How many accountants are available in your area to process your return at 11pm.  The tax preparation software business is one of the most competitive out there, meaning there are many different options for taxpayers to choose from if this is the route that they want to take. The great thing that sets TaxACT into a league of its own is that it allows users to see how much their return would be with TaxACT for free. If the user decides that they want to try with a different program, they have no obligation to buy. If the user chooses to stick with TaxACT, they will only have to pay once they officially file. This helps users to be absolutely certain that TaxACT is the program that they want to use for their tax preparation and filing.

TaxACT Review

If you’ve used TaxACT please consider providing your own TaxAct review below in the comment section. Or if you have a comments or question please add it below in the comment section.

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