OLT Review

OLT Review

by admin on April 3, 2012

OLT Review – Free, Premium, and CD Tax Software Options from OLT

OLT ReviewMore and more people are choosing to do their own taxes, and they are choosing to use the power of the Internet to file online. The ability to file online eliminates the need to mail completed taxes the traditional way. This also means filers will receive much faster service. Returns will be processed almost immediately. Those who choose to file electronically, and are expecting a rebate, will also find that they will receive their rebates quicker by having money deposited directly into their account. OnLine Taxes at OLT.com is an IRS authorized e-file provider. When using the software provided through this site, filers will be able to take care of their taxes safely, quickly, and easily.

Each year, OnLine Taxes helps thousands of people complete their taxes. They have filed more than a million tax returns since starting the business! They consistently remain at the head of the pack. They release various products that assist taxpayers with their annual taxes. One of the great things about OLT is the fact that the software is online. Users will be able to complete the entire process online. They will not have to worry about downloading or installing anything. Getting started is simple, and doing taxes has never been as easy thanks to great technology!

Currently, OLT.com offers three different products that users will be able to examine and try for filing their taxes. Those filing will want to ensure they are choosing the right option for their taxes.

The Free Edition

When filers use any of the editions from OLT.com, they will find that they are able to complete their taxes easily. They will also have a very fast turnaround on their return. When they choose to e-file rather than to print and mail the return, they will be able to receive a tax refund in as little as 8 days. This is especially great for those who need to have the money from their return quickly.

The software is able to automatically calculate a number of credits and deductions, and apply them to each return. This will help increase the rebate if receiving one. In addition, the automatic form selector is going to remove any of the guesswork that filers would otherwise have to deal with regarding their taxes. If a form is required that is not included with the free edition, users will be able to upgrade to the Premium edition.

The OLT.com tax software is extremely easy and quick to use. The questions are basic interview questions as well as “yes” and “no” questions. Users will not have to guess at any of the answers. Everything involved, from the instructions to the questions, is very simple and straightforward, just as it should be. Filers will create an online account so completing taxes at their own pace will be simple to accomplish. They can simply log in to start and finish their taxes whenever needed. There is no need to complete everything in a single session. Users can easily log in whenever necessary, and finish them without having to worry about losing any of the information that has already entered.

Of course, the free edition is not right for everyone. This edition may not have enough options for some. Here are a few things that help filers determine whether or not they are eligible for the free version:

  • Filing single or married filing jointly
  • No adjustments to income
  • No dependants
  • Claim only EIC
  • Under the age of 65 (along with spouse if filing jointly) and not blind at the end of 2011
  • Taxable income equates to less than $100,000
  • Taxable interest not more than $1500
  • Not filing bankruptcy (after October 16, 2005

Many people will qualify for the free version, but any bit of complexity in a filer’s taxes could mean that they will need the premium version. Those who believe that they will need to use the Premium Edition will be pleased to find how easy and affordable it is to upgrade. In fact, it is one of the best prices for a premium version that filers will encounter. It is always best to make sure to use the correct forms when filing taxes.

The Premium Edition

The Premium Edition is available for a mere $7.95. Those who have complicated tax matters will quickly realize that this small price is well worth it. With the Premium Edition users will have everything that the free version offers, and so much more. This version will make it easy to stay on top of tax matters no matter how complex they may be.

When filers invest in the Premium version they will also have priority customer service via chat, phone, and email. This service will make it faster to receive help when it is needed the most. Access to online accounts will be available until October 15, 2015 to ensure users are always able to access their old returns if needed. The Premium Edition also offers unlimited amended returns, priority audit assistance, and lifetime customer support.

The Desktop Version

In addition to the online version, users will also have the option of choosing professional desktop software via a CD. They will be able to use this to enter their data without needing a connection to the Internet. Users will only need to connect to register the CD, and to send their returns. The CD also makes it easy to have a backup of their data. Many people choose to use the desktop version as well as the online version.

With the various program choices available when using OLT.com, filers will see how easy it is easy to find something that will work for their needs. Whether they have a complex tax return as someone who is self-employed, or a simple and easy return, they will find the right solution. The addition of the CD version is yet another reason that OLT will be one of the top choices for tax filers this year.

OLT Review

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